5 (un)ordinary situations in which a handy application will save you time and money

Update: 04/05/2023 17:53
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Mobile applications are an integral part of modern business these days. They can drive business, support sales and most importantly save time and money. Check out an exclusive selection of cases where a handy app has helped make your work easier. Behind their creation is the development team from the Dactyl group.

Entrepreneurs and investors join forces

Invoices and their timely (non)payment are a current topic for almost every entrepreneur. Did you know that you can already get money reliably? in advance? And unpaid invoices can become interesting at the same time investment opportunities?

Developers from Dactyl Group developed a nice application for the Czech language payment institution Rogeras effectively as possible connects entrepreneurs and independent investors. 2 key features await users in 1 app:

  • Payment received: This is where they will pay your invoice.
  • Roger Auctions: This is where you enter the auction and invest.

Goodbye routine, here comes automation

Message reception, confirmation, manual entry letter by letter. The usual and unpleasant routine, which many companies cannot and will not get rid of. However, as the company grows, this unstructured system will also begin to fall apart.

She was the same Eurobit companywhich Dactyl Group created smartly and automated solution. 2 main parts ensure fast operation:

  • Complex internal system
  • Intuitive Mobile application

It’s clear, it works even offline, and above all, it saves important work from unnecessary time wasters.

Easy damage reporting with one click

You might not believe how many tasks they have to complete property managers at his job. Knowing the network of houses and apartments is a challenge in itself. When confusing inputs, checks and possible corrections are added to that – efficiency inevitably begins to decline.

Developers from the Dactyl Group helped the administrators from the Austrian company Property in fallow land modern custom applications.

From graphics to development to support and development.

Everything you need is in one place. The result is incredibly complex, but still remarkably clear and ready for everyday use.

And it works even offline or through a web system.

A stone guide in your pocket

When it comes to music festivals, most Czechs immediately think of them Rock for the people. The reason is simple, in short the biggest. However, during a multi-day event with a packed schedule, it’s easy to get lost.

Dactyl Group has created a reliable festival guide in the form of a clear application for all. What must not be missing?

  • Program information
  • Important notice
  • Map and refresh overview

In short, a complete package for your purse or pocket.

Let there be light, the application is complete

Concerts, sports matches, festivities. The audience wouldn’t have enjoyed it either superb lighting. It is precisely this mission that he is engaged in the world-famous Czech company ROBEthanks to which the legendary Metallica, for example, shone during their performance.

But lights also need to be controlled, and physical buttons aren’t always the answer. Dactyl Group assisted in the design and creation an intuitive application for lighting designers with a simple interface.

Careful analysis, cooperation with the client and thorough testing are required. And the result?


Dactyl Group: An unusual application from Brno

Even common and routine tasks can be diversified, simplified or completely eliminated with a practical application from the workshop experienced developers. Investing in a functional app will pay you back many times over. IN Dactyl Group knows his stuff.

  • Are you interested in examples and want to get rid of boring activities?
  • Do you have your own idea and want to make it come true?
  • Need advice and choose a specific, tailor-made solution?

IT professionals from Dactyl Group are here for you. If you are looking for a versatile application or a comprehensive custom web system, just get in touch.

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