A snake that bites the most will kill you or lose your hand. They attack extremely insidiously

The continent of Africa is full of deadly reptiles. The snake that holds the record for the number of human bites is one of the most feared snakes. And you probably won’t notice it until it’s too late.

The most common snake in Africa is undoubtedly the viper, which is widespread as far as the Arabian Peninsula. It often hides near roads, thanks to its color it blends perfectly with its surroundings, and the predator immediately approaches it. While waiting, the predator waits curled in a semicircle, with a raised head in the center. In this case, the predator waits until it is close enough.

He waits, bites and waits

In Africa’s Biggest Killers, you can clearly see what it looks like when the hunt approaches, where an unsuspecting frog falls prey to a viper. The immobility of the snake works on him so perfectly that he almost crawls into his mouth, allowing him to see exactly how the viper attacks. Attacks with the first third of its body while attacking several times from a crouched position. It bites its victim and then releases it again. He calmly waits for the effect of the poison before eating his prey.

Viper venom is a mixture of cytotoxins and hemotoxins that cause internal bleeding and tissue breakdown. With one bite, it injects 150-400 milligrams of poison into the body, and 100 milligrams is enough to kill a person. The poison kills a person within a day, and even after the antidote is administered, there is no winning – the bite can result in gangrene, ending in amputation in the worst case. At the same time, the attacking viper has the highest number of human bites on the African continent. 20-60% of those bitten die as a result of poisoning with its venom.

Source: Science directly

You can watch the full episode of Africa’s Biggest Killers here:

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