AGRALL opened its doors in Bantice. There was no shortage of Claas news

The company’s sales director welcomed the visitors AGRALL agricultural machinery Ing. Martin Hladuvka. The activity was accompanied by moderator Ondřej Blaho. The Czech competitor Tomáš Enge came to greet the visitors, with whom those interested could take a photo and ride the tractor on the training ground near the center.

Visitors could see an exhibition of agricultural machinery brands Claas or Weather city. There were machines such as Claas Lexion and Claas Trion walk-behind and rotor combines, Claas Axion and Claas Arion semi-track and wheeled tractors, Claas Nexos specialty tractors for vineyards and orchards and Claas Xerion superstructure transporters Come on.

The activity was accompanied by moderator Ondřej Blaho. Czech competitor Tomáš Enge came to greet the visitors.

Claas Jaguar 950 forage harvester

At the first station, harvesting technology specialist Rostislav Mrhal presented a self-propelled harvester Claas Jaguar 950. It was equipped with a drum with 24 knives capable of producing a lengthwise cut 7 to 19 mm. Its length can be variably adjusted in millimeters from the car cabin. The cutter loading system was equipped with a metal detector, a stone and a yield meter.

shearing Claas Jaguar 950 she had in her equipment NIR sensor for collecting basic data on harvested crops (starch, sugar, dry matter, moisture and ash). It also had a system in its equipment Autofill, which can be used to automatically fill vehicles driving next to and behind the cutter. The cutter on display had four-wheel drive, an automatic lubrication system and the ability to collect data using telematics (yield, dry matter, etc.) with the option of automatically sending the data to a PC.

At the first stand, harvesting technology specialist Rostislav Mrhal presented the Claas Jaguar 950 self-propelled machine.

At the first stand, harvesting technology specialist Rostislav Mrhal presented the Claas Jaguar 950 self-propelled machine.

In addition to a fully mechanical disc and a variable disc for the adapter Claas Pick-up you can also choose a double hydraulic drive for the cutter. This will bring an advantage to the user in the form of automatic adaptation of the speed of the take-up adapter to the speed of the cutter. If the travel speed or the set cutting length changes, the harvester adapter and its components always adapt to the current harvesting conditions. Changes can be left in the car, or can be made manually from the cockpit.

Claas Axion semi-track and wheeled tractors

At the second station, the tractor specialist Ing. Michal Svoboda wheeled and semi-tracked tractors Claas Axion. Terra-Trac tracked units from 80% based on track units designed for Claas combine harvesters. Differences include a larger split-spoke rear wheel, which is less prone to mud fouling when operating in rough conditions. A unique element is the suspension of the unit. The individual wheels are connected to a hydraulic cylinder. Thanks to this solution, even driving over bumps is comfortable. Another interesting thing is that the height of the back of the tractor can be adjusted. This is useful when the tractor works, for example, with a sheet cultivator. Setting the optimum height of the rear of the tractor, and therefore the drawbar of the cultivator, ensures that more weight is transferred from the cultivator to the crawler unit. Claas Axion 870 tractor there is also an assistant for turning on the heads. Based on the angle of rotation of the front wheels, the tractor can brake one of the two track units. The braking intensity can be set in three stages on the terminal in the tractor cab. From the beginning, the tractor was designed as a semi-track, that is, its rear part was adapted for the installation of track units. There is enough space around the dirty units for large fuel tanks (850 liters). The tractor is equipped with a nine-liter FPT Industrial engine 445 horses and smooth Cmatic transmission. The Cemos assistance system will help the operator with the optimization of the tractor, the placement of the engine, transmission and related tools before starting work (saw, cultivator, mower). The operator will also advise on setting the optimum tire pressure. Another Claas Axion 870 wheeled tractor on display was equipped with CTIC central tire pressure control in combination with a Claas three-combination mower.

At the second station, the tractor specialist Ing.  Wheeled and semi-tracked tractors Michal Svoboda Claas Axion.

At the second station, the tractor specialist Ing. Wheeled and semi-tracked tractors Michal Svoboda Claas Axion.

The pressure is regulated by an air compressor also designed for the car’s air brake system. positively Claas CTIC 2800 provides an air flow of up to 2 800 l/min. time 1 minute or 20 seconds it is necessary to create pressure from 0.8 to 1.8 bars – for 600/70 R28 and 710/70 R38 tires. Individual pressure values ​​can be stored in memory.

Claas Torion 530 articulated loader

At the next station BC. Ondřej Vozdecký introduced the loader to the editors Claas Torion 530. It is adapted for use in stables and for farmers who deal with different materials on a daily basis. The device includes, for example, a powerful hydraulic pump with a flow rate 80 l/min, which can easily handle a high slope shovel, spreader or sweeper. The car stands out for its high maneuverability. Thanks to the articulated steering, it has a turning radius 4 meters.

At the next station BC.  Ondřej Vozdecký presented the Claas Torion 530 loader to the editors.

At the next station BC. Ondřej Vozdecký presented the Claas Torion 530 loader to the editors.

The basic equipment of the machine always includes a third hydraulic function (the fourth is optional) and a hydraulic boom lock. Claas Torion 530 even connected tools are easily controlled via the lever. Thanks to the Z kinematics of the boom, it is possible to raise the bucket up to a height of 2.82 meters (maximum range 1.46 meters). The attached boom and adapters are easily controlled using a joystick. The engine drives the car Yanmar with a power of 46 horsepower and consumption 4 l/h. The engine has only a particulate filter and an oxidation catalyst, AdBlue is not found here. The machine is equipped with a hydrostatic gearbox, the operator does not have to change gears. It only selects forward/reverse on the joystick.

Claas Variant 585 round baler

From Claas technology, Jakub Horký also introduced a new baler for round bales Claas 585 variant s 2.35 meters extensive collector. Finally, the press can be equipped with tires of size 560/45 22.5, i.e. outer diameter 1.05 meters. This is made possible, among other things, by the newly designed chassis frame. The press is available with a cutting device (RC – ROTO CUT) or without it (RF – ROTO FEED). The cutting mechanism has 17 knives with the theoretical cutting length 60 mm.

From Claas technology, Jakub Horký also presented the new Claas Variant 585 baler.

From Claas technology, Jakub Horký also presented the new Claas Variant 585 baler.

Press equipment Claas 585 variant includes a hydraulic lowering bottom in case of jamming of the press. Position and pressure can be measured independently for the tension arms of the four endless belts. In addition, the newly developed control software optimizes the printing process. All this contributes to the perfect formation of mud, even in difficult operating conditions when baling grass silage. Thanks to the new adjustment of the pressure during baling, it is possible to achieve an even more precise adjustment of the soft mud core, for example when baling hay. The dimensions and pressure of the soft core can be set independently (in all operating conditions). Setting up network roles is also easier and more secure. Compared to the previous generation of presses, the cylinder intended for this purpose is located o 25 cm lower. The COVERED mesh connection system (also in the XW version – extra wide) is adopted from the previous generation presses. The spiral cylinders of the COVERED XW baler then allow the netting to overlap the edge of the bales.

The premiere of the Väderstad Proseed concept and the new disc cultivator

Two stations were also dedicated to the Väderstad technique. For the first time in the Czech Republic, the Väderstad Proseed planter concept was physically presented, to which we were the first to devote a separate detailed article. Here you can read the article about Väderstad Proseed.

At this event, Filip Malík presented the features of the new disc model Väderstad Carrier 725which with a working width of 7.25 m fills the gap between width models 6 and 9 meters. The model has a reinforced frame, a new splined rear axle with larger wheels and a new way of connecting the rear cylinder. Straw gates or cutter rollers can be configured in place of the front slide gate. The discs have a diameter of 510 mm and a variant is planned in the future 610 mm. The discs can be placed in three angles. The presented model was equipped with new CrossCutter Aggressive discs that better penetrate hard ground and work at a maximum depth of five centimeters.

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