Amazon will produce diamonds. This will enable him to revolutionize the cloud

Amazon will jointly produce industrial diamonds with a division of De Beers. The world’s largest retailer, which is also involved in cloud services, is betting that custom-made gems can revolutionize computer networks, writes Bloomberg. Sixth Element, a division of De Beers, and the Center for Quantum Networks (Quantum Networking Center) of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud division of the Internet retailer, will work on the project.

While traditional computing relies on bits, ie ones and zeros, quantum computing uses quantum bits (qubits), which can be a certain combination of both values. Quantum networks use subatomic matter to transmit data in a way that goes beyond today’s optical systems. Diamonds must be part of a device that will allow data to be transmitted faster, and above all more securely – the quantum transmission system must not be attackable.

AWS, whose cloud services generate the most revenue for Amazon, can integrate these devices into its networks. “We want to make these networks for AWS,” said Antia Lamas-Linares, who directs the Center for Quantum Networks. He estimates that the technology will be used “within years, not decades.”

Element Six’s motivation is to find other uses for industrial diamonds, valued for their hardness and ability to function as lenses. Their eventual deployment in the field of quantum computing, which promises greater data security, could be a major opportunity, Bloomberg wrote.

After Meta, Amazon also announced the second round of layoffs. Another 9,000 people will lose their jobs

News from companies

The American online store Amazon plans to cut another 9,000 jobs. The head of the company, Andy Jassy, ​​has stated this in a message to employees. The company already announced at the beginning of January that it will cancel about 18,000 jobs.

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Widespread use of quantum networks would require a large number of components, including specialized diamonds. Element Six recently opened a plant in the US state of Oregon that is capable of producing up to two million such units a year using a technique called chemical vapor deposition.

Diamond is a solid form of carbon. Thanks to its crystalline structure, it is the hardest and most thermally conductive material found in nature. Diamonds also naturally trap a limited number of impurities, such as nitrogen atoms, which give them their color.

These impurities can be an advantage in man-made diamonds. Industrial gems with identical composition and shape can act as repeaters in quantum networks.

Thanks to the Frontier supercomputer from the US government's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the US has once again topped the list of most powerful computers.

VIDEO: Americans have the most powerful supercomputer. Most likely, the first place belongs to China


The USA again took first place in the race of countries in the category of supercomputer development. The state-of-the-art Frontier machine from the US government’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee is currently rated as the most powerful in the world. But experts claim there are two even faster supercomputers in China, but the country apparently did not participate in this year’s ranking for strategic reasons, The New York Times reported. Check out what Frontier looks like in the video.

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Special Real Estate Club

Realitní Club is a multi-platform project of the server dedicated to real estate, aimed at the B2B and B2C segment. It has three basic parts – web, print and event with a strong focus on social networks. The Realitní Club special page was the first to open. The special is divided into four categories that address key areas of the real estate market in a “deep dive” manner.

  • Brownfields: vision and future of undeveloped areas, especially in big cities;
  • Commercial real estate: offices, coworking;
  • New construction: development, rental housing, cooperative housing, mortgages;
  • Reality and politics: how municipalities and the highest levels of central politics participate in construction.

They will be involved TALKS with developers, politicians, architects and designers.

Topics related to real estate:

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