Apple has patented a case for AirPods with a touch screen. It was inspired by JBL –

Apple is considering adding a touchscreen to the case for AirPods, through which users can control music playback or switch music sources between all available devices. This derives from the patent, which was filed in September 2022, but which “leaked” to the public only these days.

And while existing portable headsets for fully wireless headphones are purely “passive” devices, at most they have a status display – a possible display with an interactive user interface would reduce their dependence on a smartphone and allow control suitable for music playback.

Apple outlined the shape of the screen in schematic sketches, which are not very noticeable, but the interpretation that was created from them looks much more interesting. In addition, the patent does not only mention music control, other applications should also be available on the AirPods case screen, such as maps or weather. All other notifications would also be written on the screen by the phone.

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This could be the case for the next generation of AirPods (Source: 9 in 5 mac)

Apple ended the life cycle of the iPod Touch 7 last May, because the more technologically advanced iPhone had long since taken up its baton. But a headset with a screen can be one of the ways to combine current and historical brand products in modern times. We may be looking at the next form of AirPods Touch.

The obvious inspiration?

Even if Apple were to start offering a new generation of AirPods with a built-in screen, it wouldn’t be the first to have such a product. Already last year, the JBL Tour Pro 2 headphones appeared on the market, which have a 1.45″ touch screen in their body. This happened at the end of last August, Apple’s patent application was made later and is probably not hard to guess where the American giant got his inspiration.

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The JBL display is mainly intended for headphone settings, e.g. to activate ANC and “hear” the surrounding environment, adjust the volume or provide information about the current time, charging the case and individual headphones. In addition, incoming notifications directed to the paired phone are displayed on the screen. With the case, it’s even possible to receive a call on the screen, which then goes through the headphones themselves. So Apple doesn’t have to be fundamentally creative… The JBL Tour Pro headphones are also on sale in the Czech market and cost 7,000 crowns.

JBL Tour Pro 2 TWS headphones with their screen:

Do you think the headset is a waste of time, or would you find a meaningful use for it? Share your opinion in the discussion below the article.

Source: PatentlyApple, 9 in 5 mac

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