Astronomers detected repeated radio signals from an exoplanet just 12 light years away –

The search for an Earth-sized exoplanet with a magnetic field is akin to the proverbial search for a needle in a haystack. However, astronomers have recently come across a promising candidate – thanks to targeting planets that are really close to their stars.

The team successfully detected repeated radio signals coming from the so-called YZ Ceti b, which orbits a star just 12 light-years from Earth.

“I see this thing that no one has seen before,” commented on it co-author of the new study Jackie Villadsen of Bucknell University.

The search for extraterrestrial life continues

The life forms we have known so far need an atmosphere. And a planet’s atmosphere appears to need a magnetic field to shield it from the volatile emissions of its host star.

“The search for potentially habitable or life-supporting worlds in other solar systems depends in part on being able to determine whether rocky Earth-like exoplanets actually have magnetic fields.” DECLARING Joe Pesce z National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

“This research not only shows that this particular rocky exoplanet is likely to have a magnetic field, but also offers a promising method to find others,” he added.

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