DASH blood pressure diet. You’ll cut back on sodium, get healthier, and lose weight

DASH. It’s short for a diet that medical scientists invented to effectively lower blood pressure. Interestingly, it usually does not require a drastic change in diet. But what does it consist of? Simply reducing sodium consumption has a major effect on hypertension.

You can have a great time with the DASH diet.

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The acronym DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet. This is a comprehensive meal plan designed for lowering of blood pressure and as prevention of cardiovascular disease.

The DASH Diet:

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It is not without interest that people in the Czech Republic suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension Up to half of middle-aged men, the prevalence of this disease in the general population over the age of 25 is estimated at 35 percent.

Hypertension does not harm

“The insidious nature of hypertension is that many people may experience no symptoms, and the disease is only discovered when complications such as heart attack, stroke or kidney failure occur,” the website states. pharmacies Dr. Max.

He remembered that he was very tall blood pressure Values ​​higher than 140/90 mm Hg are considered repeated values ​​in at least two out of three measurements in two different visits to the doctor.

Hypertension or increased blood pressure:

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Excessive amounts are often behind high blood pressure sodium in the body, that’s what the DASH diet tries to prevent.

He also covered the internet in his article Live Sciencewho turned to dietitian, nutritional therapist and nutrition consultant Laura Clarkova as an expert on the topic.

“DASH diet a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, poultry, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and low-fat dairy products. Emphasis is placed on limiting meat and processed foods, which contain more salt and sugar. We combine cutting back on salt with eating more food, which in turn helps lower blood pressure and protect our arteries. Therefore, there are no absolute prohibitions in this diet. It’s about achieving a better balance foodsIt’s been proven to help with health,” Clark said.

The macrobiotic diet has undergone many changes. It’s no longer about diet, it’s about lifestyle

He added that the increased consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains makes consumers feel fuller, which leads to them not overeating unnecessarily. Instead, he gets motivated when he looks in the mirror number it is clear that it can be improved.

DASH effects diet he was busy with his work bachelor’s thesis and Daniela Hrdá, a student at the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University. He evaluated its effect on the basis of a survey of people suffering from hypertension. It was also a 66-year-old old woman with a height of 160 centimeters and a weight of 56 kilograms, who was already being treated for high blood pressure. Then he prepared a new one under professional pedagogical guidance menuit was really beneficial in terms of his health and reduced the pressure.

And what hers looked like menu on selected days?

1. the

Breakfast: 75 g of rye bread, 50 g of boiled eggs, 60 g of salad cucumbers

Lunch: 250 g of chicken breast vegetables10 g of rapeseed oil, 200 g of cooked brown rice

Afternoon snack: 140 g Milko Greek yogurt, 30 g unroasted shelled almonds, 150 g orange

Supper: 75 g rye bread, 10 g Ramy Classic, 30 g Eida 30%

Drinking mode – 0.25 l unsweetened herbal tea, 0.2 l instant sweet coffee without milk, 0.6 l unflavored Magnesia mineral water = 1.05 l liquid

Super foods.  We hear about them, for example, in connection with sauerkraut

New, functional, superfoods: What are the differences and benefits between them

2. the

Breakfast: 75 g rye bread, 10 g Ramy Classic, 30 g Eidamu 30%, 40 g cherry tomatoes

Dinner: 140 g of Skyr, 30 g of crushed flax seeds, 60 g of grape wine

Lunch: 250 salted lentils, 50 g cooked egg75 g rye bread, 60 salad cucumber

Supper: 50 g bran roll, 10 g Ramy classic, 30 g cherry tomatoes, 40 g fresh red pepper, 40 g salad cucumber

Drinking mode – 0.2 l of instant sweetened coffee without milk, 0.9 l of unsweetened fruit tea = 1.1 l of liquid

The DASH diet has also been scientifically researched. Among other things, as the author of the same name says, it also reduces the risk of depression. webdedicated to this cooking method.

What effect does sodium have on blood pressure?

The amount affects the blood pressure value blood plasma, which the body regulates with the help of sodium. In very simple terms, blood plasma is the liquid component of blood that is amber-yellow in color and is 90% water. The rest consists of organic substances such as proteins and vitamins.

“It is the most voluminous part of the blood – the body of an adult person has about three liters of blood plasma, which is about 5-6 percent of the total body weight of an average person. In addition, the blood contains about 41 percent red blood cells and about one percent white blood cell,” he said europlasma.

Professional site Internal diseases further explained in his article that with excessive supply or non-physiological retention of sodium in the body, the volume of water and thus plasma increases – water retention occurs in the body. Sodium also contributes to vasoconstriction. It is a natural process that helps regulate blood flow in the body. For example, when the body needs to adapt to changes in the environment, for example, when the temperature changes or during exercise, the so-called vasoconstriction occurs to improve the regulation of blood flow to different parts of the body.

And this is the catch – the narrowing of blood vessels and, at the same time, an increase in the volume of blood plasma in case of an excess of sodium, which is manifested by an increase in blood pressure. And this should be prevented. Especially with the help of the DASH diet.

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