Don’t throw away the banana peel, it has 5 fantastic uses. You will be surprised

Are bananas a staple in your diet? Then you probably throw away banana peels on a regular basis. But the next time you run out of delicious sweet fruit, don’t throw away the banana peel, because it still comes in handy. How to use banana peel not only at home? Come and see five tips with us right away.

Banana is a great fruit that was almost domesticated here. They are a convenient travel companion and a practical and quick snack. They are a quick source of energy and provide our body with a significant portion of potassium and fiber. They regulate digestion and are recommended for nausea or diarrhea. A banana peel that normally goes in the trash is also useful.

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Use banana peels to wipe the leaves of houseplants

You can quickly create a helper to clean the house from banana peels. Especially houseplants will take care of banana peel. Remove the peels and rub the leaves on the white flesh side of the peel. You will remove dust and dirt from the leaves and the plants will be able to breathe again. As a bonus, the banana pulp gives them a nice glossy finish.

You can use the bark to clean the leaves of indoor plants.
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The shoes are like right out of the box

Like the leaves of indoor plants, you can treat leather shoes with banana peels. Simply clean the dirty shoes thoroughly with the leather and remove the remnants of the white pulp with a clean cloth. The shoes will have such a beautiful shine that you won’t want to use any other method to treat them.

Grow for fruit flies and aphids

Cut the PET bottle in half and place the peel of the yellow fruit on the bottom of the bottle. Insert the top with the throat down to create a constriction funnel where fruit flies can reach the banana but not return to freedom. You’ll especially appreciate the apple catcher in the warmer months, it costs nothing and really works.

Banana works well as a repellant for pesky aphids, which are mostly found on houseplants. Cut the bark into small pieces and stick them a few centimeters below the surface of the soil.

Banana peel fertilizer is a hit

And we will stay with the plants. Banana peels are an excellent fertilizer. So, if you want to improve your servants or plants in flower beds, reach for bananas. Dry the pods in the microwave for a few minutes, crush them and sprinkle them where needed to add a good dose of nutrients.


You can use bananas as fruit fly traps, aphid repellants or as fertilizer.
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End of dried meat

You can also use banana peels in cooking. If you decide to grill chicken breasts, are unsure of the grilling process and timing, and are afraid of drying out the breasts, simply place a banana peel over them while grilling. This will prevent the meat from drying out and at the same time will not change the taste in any way.


Banana peel will also help with problem skin.
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Banana peel whitens the teeth and cleans the skin

Banana peels are also great for teeth and skin care. If you regularly apply the pulp to your teeth and rub gently with the peel for a few minutes, you will have whiter teeth without damaging your enamel. Antioxidants in banana peels scientists in turn, it has a great effect on irritated skin prone to acne. First, clean the damaged areas with a peel, then make a banana mask. The best is to wash the peel of an organic banana thoroughly and mix it in a blender, pour a spoonful of oatmeal and add a spoonful of coconut milk. Apply the mask on a clean face and keep it for at least 15 minutes. Then wash with warm water.


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