Firefighters from Příbram practiced extinguishing a battery fire in Kovohuty POŽÁ – hot news focus

On Thursday, March 30, 2023, a lithium battery fire was simulated in one of the warehouses of the Kovohutě Příbram company. The fire was detected almost immediately by an installed smoke detector and a permanent thermal camera with video fire detection.

Immediately after the activation of the electronic fire alarm, the company’s permanent service reported the fire on the emergency line 150 and activated the company’s internal emergency plan. A unit of the Central Bohemian Region Fire Rescue Service from the Příbram station went to the battery fire with two tank car sprinklers, a car ladder and a command car.

Upon arrival, firefighters deployed a traffic line to the distributor and two attack streams. Next, they opened the storage room and began to ventilate the room using an overpressure fan. After the simulated fire was extinguished and the smoke cleared, the fire department removed the battery to the storage room.

From there, the company’s employees took him to the quarantine area for further cooling, for which the hydrant network was used in the company’s premises. The entire fire-fighting operation, including handling of the battery, took place in breathing apparatus.

The exercise tested the tactics and technique of extinguishing lithium battery fires by fire protection units. In addition, the functionality of fire safety equipment and fire safety solutions were tested, similar to how to handle an emergency in the company when it occurs, the reaction of employees and the technical possibilities directly in operation.

Due to the close cooperation between the Fire Rescue Service of the Central Bohemian Region and the company Kovohutě Příbram in providing fire protection in the area, the course of the exercise and the activities of all participants were evaluated very positively.

great Eng. Radek Dopirák
Příbram station commander
Central Bohemian Region HZS

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