Four popular Samsung phones are no longer eligible for the update

Nowadays, Samsung is one of the manufacturers who aim to take care of their mobiles or tablets in terms of software support for a long and long time. For devices of the last year or two, the care is valid for up to five years, however even the older models were not or are not much worse. For example, those from the Galaxy S10 series, for which security patches were promised for four years. The past tense in the previous sentence is unfortunately appropriate. phones Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and with them too Galaxy A50 they are no longer supported by the manufacturer as of April this year.

The tenth generation of the Galaxy S series was (and in the hands of many users still is) very popular, for example because of the old camera system. The three mentioned models came to the market in February 2019 and at that time they had Android 9. The fourth representative in the form of a model Galaxy S10 Lite it went on sale about a year later and should have had longer support for at least this time.

The Galaxy A50 mobile phone (together) represents the beginning of the hugely successful “A” series, with which Samsung targeted the middle class years ago. It also hit the market in February 2019 and also had Android 9 on it. Owners of the four phones mentioned will need either bypass without additional patches, or search for an alternative custom ROM. Last fall, the Galaxy Note9 series suffered the same fate.

Do you have one of these cell phones? How do you deal with it?

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