Freshwater fish contain toxic chemicals

Are you trying to follow all the recommendations for improving your health, so you treat yourself to fish from time to time? There will be no glory with those who have fresh water. They say they can weaken your immunity and cause infertility!

Fish are healthy and we should not exclude them from the diet, nutritionists stand by themselves. However, the question is whether there is really such a problem with their benefits. Although fats are said to contain cadmium, lead and mercury, it is claimed that we will fight again with those of fresh water, the chemicals referred to by the acronym PFAS. What are they and how do they cause harm?

Vaccine ineffectiveness and compromised immunity

Whether you like trout or carp, the findings of a study published in the journal Environmental Research are unlikely to leave you alone. The results of this study show that consuming a portion of freshwater fish for one month is comparable to drinking water with high levels of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These are called immortal chemicals and are widely used to repel grease from cardboard food packaging, open clothing or even carpets. They are then associated with suppression of the immune system, including reduced effectiveness of administered vaccines. However, they are also linked to an increased risk of certain types of cancer, as well as being blamed for thyroid dysfunction in pregnant women, reproductive problems and birth defects. In other words – not something we need on our plate or in our stomach.

Ingredients we don’t care about

Therefore, the authors of the aforementioned study concluded that people who regularly eat freshwater fish are more likely to have alarming amounts of these toxic perfluoroalkyl substances in their bodies, which is why their health is concerned. They analyzed samples of 500 commonly sold fish fillets and found that PFAS levels were relatively high in fish caught from larger lakes and in urban areas. The culprit is industrial pollution, including manufacturing plants, municipal landfills, and sewage treatment plants. According to scientists, water pollution will later spread to soil, crops and wildlife. Still craving trout?


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