Hints for the weekend wake up in Hodonínsk spring. There will be an Easter fair

South Moravia really has a lot to offer with the upcoming spring days. In Břeclavsk and Hodoninsk, people enjoy traditional Easter fairs. Both have a variety of programs to get visitors in the mood for spring break. In Znojmo, the Grape Goat, the guardian of the vineyards, will be released. People will learn about winemaking traditions and there will be wine tasting.

Easter fair. Illustrative photo.

| Photo: Daily/Zdeněk VAIZ

Easter fair
When: Sunday, April 2 from 2 p.m
Where: Ždánice House of Culture
How much: admission is voluntary
Why come: The town of Ždanice, Ženičky and Časa from Ždanice organize a traditional Easter fair for all spring lovers. The program will be varied and rich. The doors of the cultural center will be opened at two o’clock in the afternoon, when the first visitors enter. They can look forward to egg specialties, Easter treats and good wine. The organizers also invite the original Melody Gentlemen Lednice swing orchestra. He will perform Czechoslovak swing from the 30s and 40s, popular movie tunes and international dance hits of the era.

Large Moravian wine broom
When: Saturday, April 1 from 1 p.m
Where: Mikulčice House of Culture
How much: 400 kroner
Why come: On the first Saturday of April, the Great Moravian Wine Sweep will be held in Mikulčice. The cultural house, where the event is held, will open its doors to the first visitors at one o’clock in the afternoon. The entrance fee is 400 kroner. Price includes wine catalog, tasting glass and souvenir pen. Zádruha’s dulcimer music will play for a pleasant listen and to accentuate the atmosphere. If visitors get hungry while tasting the wine, they can take advantage of the rich refreshments prepared. Organizers are Mikulečtí vinári.

Spring opening of cellars in Shardice
When: Saturday, April 1 from 11.00
Where: Cellars in Shardice
How much: from 600 kroner
Why come: The third annual wine event takes place on the first Saturday in April, following the traditional summer open cellars and allowing anyone who loves good Moravian wines to visit. The event starts at eleven in the morning. “About 200 wine samples will be prepared from both amateur winemakers and professional winemakers. Everyone will offer the best they have,” the organizers tease. Prepared snacks will also be available for hungry stomachs. Discounted entry is 600 kroner, 700 kroner on site.

GOODBYE! Discoveries
When: Saturday, April 1, from 10:00 a.m
Where: GOODBYE! science center
How much: from 490 kroner
Why come: Saturday, April 1 VIDA Science Park will take place! a fun-filled family day. “At several stations we will present the most important discoveries and inventions that surround us every day,” the organizers tease. Visitors will explore what a phone looks like inside, learn about printing, turn on a light bulb, or explore the beneficial microorganisms around us. The program also includes a family game, where visitors will decide for themselves how the created story will continue. VIDA will open its doors to the first visitors at ten o’clock in the morning.

Spring in Lesna
When: Sunday, April 2 from 10:00 a.m
Where: SVČ Lužánky – Lesná
How much: from 40 kroner
Why it’s coming: People will welcome spring in Brno on the first Sunday of April. Lužánec workplace Lesná invites families with children to creative workshops, knitting pompoms and original decorated eggs. There will also be various customs, rhymes and games to remind you. The program of the day also includes the burning of the traditional Marena, which means saying goodbye to winter. “There will be live chickens and horse riding,” organizers add. Creative workshops await children and adults, where they can make a wicker Christmas tree, bow weaving, pomelo or maple whistle and bow headband.

Run with your heart
When: Sunday, April 2 from 2 p.m
Where: Park Lužánky Grill point
How much: 110 kroner
Why it’s coming: There will be a run in Brno on the first Sunday of April. Those who are interested can join the event called Run with Heart. Participants can move their bodies not only for their health, but also to help those in need. “During the course, you will support two-year-old Zuzanka from the One Counts project, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy II. tip”, inform the organizers. The main goal of the event is to raise as much money as possible for his neurorehabilitation. Children and dogs can also participate. In total, three circuits are planned – the shortest 1.5 km, then 3 km and finally. 6 km.

Creative day in Luzanki
When: Sunday, April 2 from 10:00 a.m
Where: SVČ Lužánky
How much: individual workshops are paid – from 150 kroner
Why come: Today’s motto – welcome Spring with creativity. On Sunday, April 2, the Luzanec workplace in Solnični in the center of Brno will host the production of natural cosmetics, barefoot sandals, flower textiles and Murano glass ornaments. Creativity is divided into individual workshops. “All adults and teenagers over 14 years old are invited here. The day of creativity is mainly your day, here you choose the program yourself. You can work and decorate for an hour, two or the whole Sunday”, – invite the organizers. .

The beginning of the tourist season in and around the Moravian Karst region in 2023
When: Sunday, April 2 from 7:30am
Where: Černá Hora Brewery
How much: free entry
Why come: The towns of Blansko, Boskovice and Pivovar Černá Hora invite all long-distance hiking enthusiasts to the opening of the 2023 tourist season in the Moravian Karst region and surrounding areas. Traditionally, it will be held on the territory of the Montenegro brewery on April 2. Volunteers will depart from Blansko at 7.30, from where three routes are planned. People leave Boskovice at 8.00. They have two route options. Organizers also say that this year they will try to set a record for the most “crowned tourists” in one place. The goal of the march is clear – to arrive in Pivovar Černá Hora, where the results will be announced and the lottery will be held.

Let’s clean up Jedovnice
When: Saturday 1 April from 9.30am
Where: Meeting point in front of the cultural center
How much: No entry fee
Why you came: After a year, Clean the Czech Republic again takes place all over the Czech Republic. Nature will be cleaned in Blanensko, especially in Jedovnice. Organizers invite all volunteers to bring gloves and garbage bags and come to the cultural center at half past 10 in the morning. From there, everything found along the way will be cleaned. “Participants interested in digging the lawns of the place called Hraběnka, please bring a rake with them,” the organizers add.

Retro players
When: Saturday, April 1 from 7:30 p.m
Where: Stará Břeclav House of Culture
How much: from 500 kroner
Why come: The Retro Ball will be held on the first Saturday of April in Stará Břeclav. You can spend an unforgettable evening full of entertainment, costumes and great performers. Zatrestband and Avion Big Band will perform at Stará Břeclav House of Culture to dance and listen. For your entertainment, the organizers have prepared a dance performance to the rhythm performed by Lac Cmorej and Flitre. At the same time, they invite all participants to come in colorful retro clothes.

Easter inspiration
When: Saturday, April 1 from 9:00 a.m
Where: In front of the Holy Church. Vaclav
How much: free entry
Why come: Spring has arrived and with it comes the traditional Easter fair in Břeclav. Visitors can be in the open area in front of St. Peter’s Church. Wenceslas to capture the true Easter inspiration. There will be a rich accompanying program, Easter decorations and thematic stands. In short, everything related to spring festivities. “Decorations, flowers will be bought and, of course, there will be no shortage of Easter eggs,” invite the organizers. The musical accompaniment will be provided by HBStoptrio, Lukáš Růžička and acoustic duo Lin & Will.

Easter workshop
When: Saturday, April 1, from 10:00 a.m
Where: Vyshkovska Museum
How much: from 30 kroner
Why come: In the morning, an event for all creative souls awaits him at the Wyskovska Museum. Participants in the prepared creative workshop will decorate the egg using the decoupage technique, wax relief or lake network. The organizers especially invite you to a rich program where, for example, Mrs. Ludmila Dvořáková will demonstrate the decoration of Easter eggs with wax batik. Mrs. Markéta Šplíchalová scratching. Children decorate gingerbread with their own hands. The entrance fee is 30 kroner, but if visitors pay 50 kroner, they can see an interesting exhibition by collector Maria Pachtová.

Let’s clear Rousínov
When: Saturday, April 1, from 09:00
Where: Rousínov MÉÚ building
How much: No entry fee
Why you came: After a year again, the Clean the Czech Republic event is taking place across the country. Nature will be cleaned in Vyshkov region, especially in Rousínov. Organizers urge all volunteers to bring gloves and trash bags and arrive at City Hall at 9 a.m. From there, everything found along the way will be cleaned. “Let’s join the national action and clean up our neighborhood. The cleaning will be carried out both in the city center and in local areas,” the organizers called.

Znojmo Easter
When: Saturday, April 1, from 10:00 a.m
Where: Horní náměstí – Znojmo
How much: free entry
Why come: Easter is just around the corner, and to mark the occasion, the Easter program will take place in Znojmo for eight days. It will take place in the center from April 1 to 9. There will be traditional markets, concerts, rabbit hops, underground egg collecting, craft workshops or even creative creations. “You can also look forward to the small animal exhibition. You will be able to weave pom-poms, paint eggs, make a rabbit out of straw or pass the test of Easter carolers”, the organizers are enticing. There will also be a pen with lambs and sheep on Masarik Square.

Opening the educational path of the Grape Goat with the Willow Broom of Wines
When: Saturday, April 1 from 11.00
Where: Vrbovec – Vine goat educational trail and semi-trailer near the church
How much: free admission
Why come: On the first Saturday of April, Znojemsk, specifically Vrbovac, hosts an annual spring wine event involving sweeping wine and taking goats to the vineyard. The organizers say that in the ceremonial opening of the season, the participants of the opening of the educational trail will have the opportunity to take the Grape Goat to the vineyard and walk the 5 km long route through the vineyards and willows. basement alley. Learn about winemaking traditions and taste wines. The grape goat is the guardian of the vineyards. He oversees the integrity of the winegrowers and the work done in the vineyard throughout the year.

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