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When we design a family home, we think about the smallest details, so we must not forget the appropriate shade technology on the windows. Of course, you have a number of options to choose from, but only one will provide peace of mind, thermal stability, security, privacy and energy savings. We are talking about outdoor blinds.

Gone are the days when you could only choose curtains and heavy curtains to shade the windows, which only gathered dust. Someone will prefer interior shade options – classic blinds made of individual strips or integral fabric blinds. But even they do not provide perfect protection from the sun’s rays, let alone be able to regulate the temperature in the room. Then there are outdoor or blind or even more efficient versions, which offer their users a number of advantages.


Neither heat nor cold will break you
If you don’t want to sweat in the summer or, so to speak, sweat your pants in the winter, you should definitely consider installing external blinds when planning your family home. They can block most of the outside heat before it reaches the glass. The same applies to cold air, so window blinds have a high thermoregulation effect. “It has been proven by measurements and calculations that high-quality shading technology has a great effect on thermal and light comfort and heat transmission, especially in summer. Of course, the shade technology also prevents heat leakage in winter. Based on the measurements, we can conclude that in winter, when using a window wheel, the heat transfer coefficient of the window is improved by up to 25%. he says Aneta Paroulková, ISOTRA marketing specialist, a leading Czech manufacturer of shade technology. Of course, this saving will also have a positive effect on your financial budget. The shade of the roller blind also determines the thermal comfort you will have in the room. As Aneta Paroulková explains, the lighter the shade, the greater the effectiveness of the blind. This is due to the fact that while a light color reflects most of the heat, a dark color absorbs the heat.

For sweet dreams
Light smog is the enemy of quality sleep. Anyone who wants to achieve maximum darkness and peace for relaxation should bet on outdoor blinds. Thanks to its integrity, it does not allow daylight or artificial light into the room. “In addition to perfect shading, external blinds also reduce the level of outside noise, so another plus for undisturbed sleep.” he says Aneta Paroulková from ISOTRA.


Privacy guaranteed
External blinds offer the occupants of the house peace of mind not only by allowing them to sleep better. Thanks to its integrity, it also contributes to protection against forced entry. Therefore, if someone is thinking of placing external curtains only on the windows of some rooms that, for example, are more exposed to sunlight or need to provide darkness for better sleep, he should also reconsider the opinion of from a security point of view. “Of course, it is advisable to install blinds throughout the house, among other things, also for the sake of coordination and the general appearance of the building”. CONFIRMS Aneta Paroulková and adds that roller blinds are particularly useful for rooms where we don’t need to tilt the shutters that external blinds have. These are, for example, bedrooms or bathrooms. “Mostly, however, the customer chooses a type of shading for the whole house or at least a certain floor because of the aesthetic impression.” explains Paroulková.

Simple and smart
Undoubtedly, a nice bonus of outdoor blinds is that they are very easy to maintain. They do not require any additional care or lubrication of the mechanism. In case of normal contamination, it is sufficient to regularly wipe the surface with a powder or a soft textile cloth or damp sponge. “Use only soap solutions without chemical additives, with a temperature of up to 30°C. Definitely avoid aggressive cleaning agents such as organic thinners, solvents, scouring sands, cleaning pastes, steam generators and strong alkaline cleaning agents.” protects Aneta Paroulková.


What are external blinds?

  • curtain made of aluminum sheet filled with PUR foam, which moves on a guide bar
  • when they are withdrawn, they are hidden in the box
  • they are placed in front of the window glass
  • the amount of light entering the room can be adjusted by pulling the entire surface of the blind
  • it is also possible to mount them in an already finished building, in which case the blind box will be visible and in the upper part of the window it will interfere with its appearance. “A more effective solution is the so-called plastering of the window frame under the facade, under insulation or in the Porotherm or Heluz archive. Here, the blind box is not visible, and when fully extended, it does not interfere with the view at all. It is necessary to consider the installation in the archive already at the stage of the project of the family house.” he says Aneta Paroulková, ISOTRA specialist.

You can find more inspiration on the Isotra website HERE

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