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We are here with more tips for interesting goods from stores on AliExpress. Do you have a box or drawer at home with a bunch of cables lying around waiting to be needed? And just for a combination you have to connect, isn’t it convenient? Today we will look at different non-traditional cables that can solve your problem for a few crowns.

European warehouse, duty and tax

The sales portal AliExpress has already started using direct taxation throughout the European Economic Area. Under the price of the goods you can see the phrase “Price includes VAT” or confirmation that the value already includes tax. But keep in mind that even goods worth more than 150 euros are subject to customs duties.

USB-A – USB-C – microUSB – Lighting cable

“Please, don’t you happen to have a cable in XY?” Almost everyone knows this question, and thanks to this 3-in-1 cable, the answer can be “obvious” forever. Unless it gets lost somewhere. In addition to the winding, the advantage of this part is the maximum load of 100W.

Price: 110 CZK

USB-C to HDMI cable

If you have a phone or other device with a standard USB-C 3.1 port, you can send the converted image to the standard HDMI input through this interface from the proven brand UGREEN. And even in 4K. It can also be useful for laptops.

Price: 560 CZK


If you’re not sure what you might need to connect to your laptop or mobile phone via USB-C, it’s good to have the most versatile HUB on hand. This versatile tool from UGREEN (the most expensive in the link) also has slots for memory cards.

Price: 830 CZK

Double reduction from USB-C to 3.5 mm jack

Modern mobile phones are often deprived of the classic headphone jack, which can lead to two things. Either remove the wired headphones or use a reduction. This is double for shared listening with someone else.

Price: 160 CZK

6A USB-C – USB-A OTG adapter

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. This OTG adapter from OLAF provides the necessary data or instruction transfer and can handle up to 6A current.

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Price: 50 CZK


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Other attractions at a price of up to 300 CZK

A selection of other products that cost a few crowns. However, they can make your life easier or more enjoyable, so take a look at them.

Product Cena
USB cable with light 60 KC
Aubess Zigbee / Wi-Fi temperature sensor 190 CZK
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth LED lamp 150 CZK
USB 5.1 Bluetooth adapter 50 KC
Vented USB sound card 300 CZK
Cable organizer 35 CZK
USB LED night light 60 CZK

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