New ocean: Scientists make an unexpected discovery

About 650 kilometers below the Earth’s surface, there is rock that holds water. But this water is not in one of the three situations characteristic of it. It is in the form of plasma.

The existence of a high-pressure phase of magnesium silicate beneath the Earth’s surface has only recently been discovered by the scientific community. Published in Science in 2014 article, scientists from the United States were the first to publish their findings. They discovered that this very rock contained water in the form of plasma.


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March 28, 2023 at 8:50 p.m

Minerals beneath the Earth’s surface may contain more water than we currently think, scientists say

Water is almost 650 kilometers below the Earth’s surface and, according to current knowledge, its volume is three times larger than the oceans on the Earth’s surface. “I think we have finally found evidence of a real water cycle on planet Earth. “Scientists have been looking for this missing, deep water for decades.” reported one of the authors of the study, Steve Jacobsen.

Scientists first theorized that there could be water under the Earth’s surface while studying the results of earthquakes. Seismographs capture shock waves below the Earth’s surface. From this they could conclude that there are rocks under the earth’s crust that can hold water.

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