Patrik Duda: If you want to earn a big pension, start taking risks!

When he hired Patrik Duda as a financial advisor, he had no idea that this unpopular and little-understood job would lead him to his own business. Moreover, it turned him into a successful businessman, who has a keen sense of complicity even where you wouldn’t dare think otherwise. He is currently engaged in the sale of mineral materials, which he received thanks to the invaluable help of Ukraine. However, remember his name especially in connection with the Naughty Harbor project, which is one of the unique concepts in R. To raise a lot of capital to start a new business on a green meadow, the apartments could not be sold. How come, if you want to collect a big pension, you have to take risks

Financial advisor, investor and businesswoman

The big circle for Patrik Duda was his job as a financial advisor. In this position, he learned to protect himself from accidents, but mostly to do business. This interesting experience started and made his professional life laugh. At the age of 21, he started buying cheap apartments on the street, and in two years he stopped at 34. At the age of 24, he entered the Internet business, and then years later founded the Naughty Harbor project, which he still owns today. zenm Naughty Harbor learned to work in e-commerce. And that’s mostly thanks to e-commerce. And it’s a relatively small market, it managed to become number one in the market and world beer is a relatively long-term project. At the age of 29, he asked for a calling. And quite by chance, a boy got together with a group of 3 people, who were engaged in industrial robotics and crafts. He decided to start a business with them. However, after 4 months of trying, he realized that it was not the right choice of darkness. Although I had no experience in the industry, I decided to start the project myself. As a sole companion. And back to the green meadow. I invited my great friend Jirko Vyskoil, who is technically skilled and has valuable experience, to the party. He now leads the company from the technical side. Both strategic and commercial,
k Patrick Dudaexecutive director of Atreon.

It started to help Ukraine

Shortly after Duda became independent and started the dense materials business, the conflict started in Ukraine. He decided to help Ukraine through the production of ballistic steel plates. Natst had many experienced people from the arms industry around him. It was possible to get very short ballistic steel very quickly. All the books that could be found in the Czech Republic were bought. However, the product itself was only a semi-finished product, which was only completed later. The certification was done and in a few weeks the Ukrainians had a finished product. And that’s where the idea was first born Atreon, sale of metallurgical material. When he found out how the dense material market works, he couldn’t help it. He had to literally beg the salesman to sell him something. Because of this, he realized how difficult it is to connect this market. He decided to draw his chapters ace zkan and go all in. He started withdrawing all his investments. He sold his apartments (I only have 6 out of 34). He sold crypto money and sporka. And instead he bought utensils and a lot of iron.

Pro-client input a hundred errors

In the businesses where Patrik Duda worked before, he really had to earn and fight for every customer. In the dense traffic of materials, I almost feel that the rule is that there is no order, no pay is the other way around. There is no shortage of orders, and the sellers are arrogant. I almost couldn’t believe that no one had yet filled such a big gap in the market, to Duda of Atreon. He decided to get rid of that mess and change this market for the better. A typical order for several different materials. Sometimes he manages to get them all from one supplier. So it must take a minimum of two sources. Assortment of goods Atreon it is very comprehensive and I can always find what you don’t have on the website. Another strong point is the price. The signs are certainly among the cheapest on the market.

Retail offers many options with large commercial spaces

Atreon deals in retail and wholesale. Nice weave and plenty of room for development companies I can find it in retail, where there is currently no full size psobc crop in the Czech Republic
work with a wide assortment and low prices. Current product, modern e-commerce, I have one branch in Elkovice. Focus on the promissory note. Typically, products are designed for construction companies (gates, fences, steel structures, etc.). It gave a large and promising area of ​​fittings. Atreon has the ability to bend roxor and make tmnk.

Great customs and good luck in the future

Patrik Duda opened the first branch office in Elkovice months ago. We currently have 10 employees. We are full of ambition and the results so far show that we are right, so we will open a second branch in the first half of the fifth year. By the end of the year, one or maybe two days. First, having a branch is enough for my clients,
k Patrick Dudaexecutive director of Atreon. A wholesale-only supplier can get by with two branches in the country, but Atreon’s strategy is different. In the horizon of five years, mt is filled with 10 and 15 branches. The expedition abroad is also in full swing.

Who is Patrik Duda?

He started as a financial advisor. At the age of 21, he started buying apartments in Štecko. He is behind the unique project in R Naughty Harbor, which he owns and operates today. He devotes half of his time to work, which is his hobby.

d with Bao’s rule n orders n pn. Rd showed a gap in the market. Based on this, he founded the company Atreon, which supplies artisans, do-it-yourselfers, small and medium-sized enterprises with solid material.

In my spare time I run and go to the gym.

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