Podnicatel.cz reports record attendance. The number of viewed pages is almost 5.8 million.

March was very successful for the Podnikatel.cz server. Success refers to attendance reaching record numbers.

Almost 1.6 million readers searched the content of the business server. They then viewed nearly 5.8 million pages (5,759,255 PV, data source: NetMonitor, PV 3/2023). This is a record number in the entire more than 15-year history of the server.

Readers were primarily looking for articles and information related to taxes and tax returns. They were also interested in news from reporting on small-scale employment. He also enjoyed great interest quizwhich was focused on legendary Czechoslovak brands.

Podcasts of the Podnikatel.cz server

Podcasts are also becoming more popular. The Podnikatel.cz server offers three: current and trending business topics called Podnikatel+, Stories of entrepreneurs mapping traditional and lesser-known forms of business, and Stories of Czechoslovak brands focused on the history of selected Czechoslovak companies.

Podnicatel.cz has existed for more than 15 years

Podnicatel.cz saw the light of day on August 23, 2007 as the fifth server of the publishing house Internet Info. It is the only one on the Internet that provides a comprehensive overview of information for entrepreneurs. He advises young entrepreneurs and monitors changes for established entrepreneurs.

At the same time, the Podnikatel.cz server monitors all legal changes that affect business and offers the widest database that is valuable both for entrepreneurs and the professional public. It has been led by editor-in-chief Michael Hovorka since its inception.

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