Repair of the Ostrovské bridge has begun. The transition will not be possible until June 30

The partial repair closed Ostrovský most until the beginning of the summer holidays.

Repair of the Ostrovské bridge has begun. The transition will not be possible until June 30

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The Ostrovský Bridge in Karlovy Vary, also known as the Thälmann Bridge, is shaking. On Wednesday morning, the technology that grinds the surface of the road went over it. Long-planned repairs to the bridge began, closing it for many weeks. The work must be completed by the end of the school year.

“Repairs of the Ostrovský bridge have begun, which will require the complete closure of the entire system of bridge structures over the railway line, Ohří and through the city. The crossing will not be possible until June 30 this year, the crossing of “Constructors will resurface, repair curbs, widen and then lay a new asphalt carpet. The repair work of a wider nature aims to extend the life of this traffic structure,” the spokeswoman informed Helena Kyselá municipality.

Most of Ostrovský in Karlovy Vary will be closed to traffic from Wednesday

As Karlovy Vary councilor Petr Bursík announced some time ago, the planned work on the Ostrovské bridge will only extend its lifespan by 10 years. “The city tendered the contract for nine million kroner without VAT. The reconstruction of the bridge will entail a partial, sometimes even complete closure of the bridge,” said councilor Petr Bursík (ODS).

In 2021, Ostrovský mostly underwent diagnostic tests, which declared the inevitability of its total reconstruction, which should be completed by 2026. Although the current repair is only partial, thanks to this, the total reconstruction, which is estimated to cost hundreds of millions of crowns, may be postponed. The city needs to solve a much more pressing problem, namely the neighboring Chebský most, which is in a deplorable state and where experts have pointed out that its reconstruction should start no later than 2024. Until then, not only the final project it must be completed, but the contractor must also be selected.

The wooden footbridge was no longer safe.  However, it will certainly not be launched this year.

The swing bridge at Svatošské skály is closed. The elbow is about to undergo a major overhaul

After its reconstruction, Chebský most will take over the traffic load in case of the general repair of Ostrovský most. As part of the Chebské bridge, its other form is also being treated. But this question is not the biggest problem of this contract. This is its cost, because the reconstruction of the technical monument is estimated at 300 million kroner, which is twice the cost of building the new Dvorský. “We are making every effort to get some kind of subsidy for this investment. There is no specific subsidy title for it. So we are trying to get any information that would lead us to a possible contribution,” the deputy mayor Tomáš Trtek (ANO ) accepted some time ago.

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