She was hit in the disco and her brain was covered in blood. Paramedics sent her home

On the fateful day, Gabina got dressed, put on high-heeled shoes and looked forward to the expected ball, from which she went to the disco. However, while she was dancing, she was accidentally pushed by a man who started a fight with another man. Gábina fell to the ground and passed out. Her brain began to flood with blood. The ambulance stated that she was drunk. The girl was taken to the hospital, but later sent home. The doctor who came first was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm by negligence, but was later fully acquitted by the Court of Appeal.

Gábina’s fatal fall at the disco

| Photo: courtesy of Gábina Petrřkovská

Gábina was 30 years old in August, and five years ago she was enjoying life to the fullest. While working remotely, she studied at the University of Business and Law in Ostrava, traveled to England, Malta, worked abroad in a restaurant, pastry shop and bar, and wanted to work in Norway. However, her plans were disrupted by a fall at the disco, after which she bled on the brain for almost 14 hours. The doctors thought it was fair drunk.

Gaby’s story:

Source: Youtube

Today, Gábina is attracted wheelchairshe is completely dependent on her mother’s help and dreams of being at least a little independent again one day.

In the wrong place at the wrong time

On the fateful day, Gábina found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. At such a moment, a person starts thinking about many “what ifs” in his head. If she had gone to the toilet a few minutes earlier, had she gone to buy something to drink, had she gone for fresh air, danced a little further or talked at the bar with her friend. All this could happen in a parallel life. But Gábina stood where she stood and unfortunately did not escape her fate.

Editorial Additions:
The article describes the event as told by Gábina’s parents. The incident was investigated by the court. Court in Nové Jičin sentenced the doctor to a fine of 75,000 crowns and banned him from working in the emergency room for 18 months. In particular, he blamed the doctor for not trying to take an X-ray of the young woman’s head during the examination, which could have possibly revealed a fracture of the temporal bone, so further treatment would probably have taken place in the hospital.
Court of Appeal In 2022, however, he annulled the judgment of the District Court on the grounds that the doctor did not commit a criminal offense and did not violate his duties. The decision of the regional court is final and cannot be appealed. On leaving the courtroom, however, the public prosecutor said that she would consider an appeal to the Supreme Court.

“That day I was at a ball and then at a disco, where during a fight I was pushed in my heels and I fell. I was briefly unconscious, from which I woke up at the moment when the ambulance was already on its way to take me to the hospital – she describes the first moments after waking up from unconsciousness.

A serious injury that was not visible at first glance

Upon arrival at the hospital, the attending physician only took blood, despite the fact that the report mentioned a possible fall on the head. And since it was obvious from the blood test that Gábina was under the influence alcoholhe reduced the whole situation to just a few drinks that Gábina had at the disco.

Klára, who helped despite suffering herself, died. Ewa Farna is also sad

“Then they moved me to the next room on the couch and called my mother to come to the hospital to pick up her drunken daughter,” describes the words of Dr. Gabin, who was 25 years old at the time.

When the mother and stepfather came to pick up their daughter, they couldn’t help but be surprised at the state in which they found her lying alone in the room. “The doctors sent us to the room where Gábina was lying. She was there all alone. When we opened the door, we saw her lay on the ground. We had no idea what was going on. She was twitching and she certainly didn’t look like she was alone drunk“, Gába’s mother describes the condition in which she found her daughter.

The doctors thought she was just drunk, which affected her subsequent care.The doctors thought she was just drunk, which affected her subsequent careSource: courtesy of Gábina Petrřkovská

They later learned that the first symptom was a twitch bleeding into the brain, which, however, had been going on for several hours at that point, without anyone knowing about it.

Gaby’s parents were completely shocked and stressed by the overwhelming fear for their daughter. However, when they asked Ph.D, if their daughter died, they were told she was just drunk and she would be fine. Even then, no one did further examinations and the family was sent home.

She needed a nap

When the parents came home with an allegedly “just drunk” Gábina, they put her to bed, saying they hoped she would get some sleep. They had no reason not to trust the doctors and put all their trust in their words.

Peter is proof that if there is a will, anything is possible

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But Gábina still didn’t wake up, which was extremely suspicious to both of them. “Gabina was supposed to go to work and I found it strange that she didn’t get up. This has never happened before. So I called my neighbor, who is a nurse, and she advised me to check if Gábina has a lump somewhere,” says Gabi’s mother.

The fear was confirmed and Gába’s stepfather actually found the lump. Both were completely shocked and immediately called an ambulance, which arrived in ten minutes. “I know from the narration that they immediately took me to the ambulance, where they subsequently intubated me to ensure my vital functions. After that, they took me to the hospital, where they immediately operated on me for five long hours,” describe the subsequent reaction of Gabin’s parents and doctors.

Gábina – On your feet:

Source: Youtube

However, even after the operation, she did not wake up and stayed for five long weeks in a coma. The doctors gave her almost no chance survival. “We did basal stimulation, even at that time with my ex-husband, Gábina’s father, and we visited our daughter every day,” describes the sad phase of Gábina’s mother’s life.

Bedridden with uncertain prospects

Tracheostomy, tube in nose for feeding, later PEG, tube inserted for 52 days, incontinence and other problems. This was the new life of a young and very attractive woman who planned to travel the world and finish college. She became her mother day nurse, who left the job she loved after thirty years. About my daughter cares 24 hours a day every day, seven days a week, he cooks for her, bathes her, washes her, dresses her and helps with absolutely everything.

Boys tolerate even common illnesses much worse than other children

The condition of Johan and Florimon is not improving. Both boys are lying feverish and still vomiting

“The bleeding in my brain was so bad that it affected all four of my limbs, my speech center, I still have trouble swallowing, I can’t blow my nose or flush the toilet. In short, I can’t do anything like before. I have quadriparesis and I am left-handed, which means that all my limbs are affected, but the left half of my body is much worse,” describes Gabina’s condition after five years. He adds that it is unfortunate that 99 percent of foundations in the Czech Republic exclusively support children under the age of 18. “What about the rest of us,” he asks.

No one knows what will happen next

Now he is in a position where he has to learn everything from scratch, which is a job for the next few years. She is resigned to the fact that nothing will ever be the same again, but she would like to be independent again, at least to some extent.

Doctors even the physiotherapists don’t know what will happen next and how much my body can take improve. Every organism is different, but it mostly depends on how many there are the brain affected. Mine was 90% blood. All the commands to and from the body have been erased, which is why I am learning everything anew by constantly rehabilitating my brain,” explains Gábina.

Gábina – My road to recovery:

Source: Youtube

She knows very well that she has a long way to go, but she is determined never to don’t give up. And for that reason, she would like to go to rehabilitation at least 4 times a week for two hours, as recommended by the doctor. One rehabilitation but it costs a thousand crowns, which is an amount that Gábina cannot afford in the long run.

That’s why he begs in his collection HERE for any contribution that will move her towards her dream of being at least a little independent again.

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