Spoiled children fail everyone

A helicopter, a spacious family home, luxury cars, beautiful women. That’s how an entrepreneur from Stražiski lived. He was undoubtedly smart, enterprising, and at the same time completely focused on how to get money as quickly as possible. He produced and sold alcohol, but sometimes he was on the edge of the law. However, he especially placed all his hopes in his two children, whom he tried to provide “only the best”. It’s been ten years since conditions changed in a matter of months, leaving his business in ruins.

When his world began to collapse, he fell into anxiety and drunkenness, under the influence of which he dealt senselessly with the people around him. But others were mostly not interested in understanding his problems, let alone listening to his insults. He died when he was not even fifty years old. His death was not so tragic that he left the world too soon. The worst thing about her was that he had no desire to continue living in front of her. The reason was certainly not only his troubles at work. The main reason for his reluctance to fight for his own life was his children. Spoiled, incompetent, disheveled and rotten to the core children.

His daughter looked into the career of a future model. She sacrificed everything to take care of her appearance, underwent several plastic surgeries and carefully selected clothes and fashion accessories. However, that was about it. After all, the work of a model, like any other, is associated with a certain amount of renunciation, which she definitely did not intend to undergo. And why? Thanks to her father, she didn’t even need one. A young woman was recently convicted of taking out a loan for her mother using photocopied documents.

The son was jealous of his sister and “daddy’s girl” for a very long time. Although he too was getting much more than he needed, he felt that it was still not enough. “You give her everything and nothing to me!”, he sometimes shouted at his father. He ended up on drugs and eventually in personal bankruptcy. He quarreled with his sister for a long time after his father’s death. Their contacts were definitely cut off when he found out that he was not getting anything from her.

This sad story is not unique. After all, we already know stories from ancient times about how the poor son managed to lose the whole farm and half of it at cards. However, it is certain that now, especially among the wealthier among us, it will be repeated many more times. That’s logical and in some ways probably fair.

However, the main difficulty is not in the personal tragedies of individual families. What is much worse is that a significant portion of “normal” society begins to behave like spoiled and spoiled children. People have an increasingly strong feeling that the state, as an increasingly indebted cash cow, is only there to subsidize their expensive lives. Like the prodigal son, he simultaneously shouts: “You give a lot to others, but nothing to us!”

There is no reason why what has happened repeatedly in many families should not happen to our entire society. Spoiled, incompetent, howling and rotten to the core children will certainly not ensure a solid future for our homeland.

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