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Do you have a non-profit organization or are you starting a community service project and feel that you need a boost or simply want to receive advice from more experienced people? The 3-2-1 accelerator workshop will help you with this. There are less than two weeks left until the closing of applications.

What is?

An intensive seven-day program divided into two blocks to start your socially beneficial business. No dry theory, but practice and field experience. 40 hours of workshops await you that will guide you through the pillars of business, from competitor analysis to pricing. Professional seminars will teach you strategic planning and work with finances, and on the mentoring day you will get answers to questions about your project from experienced people from business and non-profit organizations. One of the mentors was, for example, the entrepreneur Babeta Schneiderová, winner of the Laskavec award, whom we met some time ago they brought an interview.

Who is the accelerator suitable for?

For anyone who has a good idea that will positively impact society or bring about an exceptional innovation and wants to check its viability. And also for non-profit organizations that have been in business longer and want to learn how to do business more sustainably. You will experience how business knowledge can be applied to the non-profit sector.

What will it get you?

You will test the strength of your idea and test how it will stand up to customers, all under the supervision of more experienced people who will lend you a helping hand. You will recognize the strengths and weaknesses of not only your intentions, but also yourself.

“You have a few days when you get out of everyday reality. You will gain distance and perspective, which will help you in the further direction of your mission. A space has been created for you where you have the opportunity to realistically think about your next strategy. You’ll get proof-of-concept, design, and prototyping tools. And all this with the enormous support of a well-coordinated team and great mentors”, describes her experience, one of the many graduates of the 3-2-1 workshop, Marie Froulíková, who is behind the educational platform Kudykampus, which helps university students find professional employment and internships.

Psychologist Vlaďka Bartáková, who provides therapy and consultations through her project How to educate and not go crazy, also went through the accelerator: “The 321 workshop accelerator helped me see other possibilities for my project. Comb it. I want to work on it differently. To see ways to get it going.’

Want to know more?

You can find out everything on the website, where you will also find the registration form. Applications for this year can be sent until April 17.

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