The Czech-Swiss team will explore skepticism towards new technologies

Thanks to the cooperation between the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GA ČR) and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), a new international project will begin this year.

Distrust of new technologies has accompanied us perhaps since the beginning of time – whether it’s the steam engine or, more recently, the often-impressed artificial intelligence. However, we know little about the reasons for skepticism and fear of new technologies. A newly supported project by Dr. Christian Ochsner of the National Institute of Economics of the Czech Academy of Sciences and his Swiss colleague set out to fill this knowledge gap. This is a three-year project that will investigate the causes and consequences of skepticism towards new technologies, specifically the research will be conducted in the area of ​​the Swiss Grisons between 1900 and 1940.

The project is funded by GA CR and SNSF – GA CR partner

Reg. no. The offerer institution Name of the project
23-09092L Christian Ochsner, Ph.D. Institute of National Economy of the Czech Academy of Sciences, vvi Modern era without us! Determinants and Consequences of Technological Skepticism; Grisons 1900-1940

Announcement of the results of the joint call for submissions of Swiss-Czech projects evaluated according to the LA principle in fundamental research (pdf)

Cooperation with the Swiss side takes place thanks to the WEAVE initiative, of which GA CR is a founding member, and which aims to unite a total of 12 European agencies by 2025 and ensure the cooperation of scientific groups from three countries.

The project proposal was evaluated based on the principle of Lead Agency, where only one of the agencies evaluates the proposal and the other takes over the evaluation from it. GA CR acted as a partner agency in this case and took the evaluation from its Swiss counterparts.

Each agency pays its share of costs for scientists from its area.

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