The Dragons entered the season in championship style, but Tempo handled the return better in Prague. Eagles – ČT sport – Czech TV leads the table

The Eagles lead the table after two home wins (12:2 and 8:5) and it didn’t hurt that they fell 0:10 in the third game already played at the Nuclears arena.

In the other matches, Arrows Ostrava first lost to Sokol Hluboká nad Vltavou with a score of 2:7, but won the match 8:0. Technika and Hroš once enjoyed the Brno derby.

Mendoza was unstoppable

The pace to Friday’s success in Brno wasn’t helped either by buzzing reinforcement Martin Červenka, who made the first move on his first start with the bat. The favored Dragons fought back with a series of brilliant batsmen and, due to a ten-point margin, wrapped up the game after the seventh inning. Venezuelan acquisition Gabriel Mendoza scored seven points.

Červenka, who wore the Eagles jersey last season, was positive after the game despite the loss. “I’m happy to be able to play baseball. It doesn’t matter if it’s the World Baseball Classic or the extra league. I love it,” said the long-time best Czech player, recalling the national team’s participation in the WBC. in Japan.

“It was difficult to go from a stadium with 50,000 seats in the indoor conditions, but I think we did it perfectly. We are satisfied”, commented Milan Prokop, who was also a member of the representative team in the unofficial world championship.

However, Sunday’s game in the Czech capital took on a completely different spirit in the cold weather. The Dragon Balls gave the locals 11 free goals and due to the fact that the guests made several mistakes in defense, Tempo was satisfied with the 10:4 victory. Among other things, Červenka hit a home run in the second inning, during which the Praguers scored five runs.

Played manager Barto scored the blazing Eagles

As already mentioned, the Eagles lead the extra league after the first weekend. In Saturday’s home games, they quickly erased the loss from the opening step each time and beat their opponents 12:2 (after the seventh inning, editor’s note) and 8:5. In both cases, they gained decisive leads between the third and fifth innings.

However, on Sunday, the Nuclears playing manager Jeffrey Barto stood up to them and swept them away with a famous performance. The 33-year-old American slugger allowed just two hits against the visitors over five innings and gave up seven hits. Canadian Ryan Johnson then finished his job “on the hill” and led Třebíč to a commanding 10:0 victory.

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