Throw away the scented candles immediately

Are you one of those people who likes to light scented candles after dark and be overwhelmed by their aromatic effect? Then we don’t have the best news for you. These decorations are said to cause cancer and respiratory diseases! So is it better to be after dark?

They have been used for thousands of years, they are indispensable in almost every home, they emit a pleasant light and can make the atmosphere comfortable. Yes, today we are talking about candles sold in so many colors, scents and shapes that almost everyone can choose according to their taste. Do you also light them in the evenings? You should probably know that you are destroying not only the air in the room, but also your health! Here’s what experts think about scented candles!

The dark side of popular decor

Have you ever wondered what the aforementioned light source, whose original traces date back to the Middle Ages, is actually made of? In the past, production revolved around materials such as whale oil, beef fat, boiled cinnamon, or beeswax, but in the twenty-first century, the focus is more on chemicals. “ingredient”.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that candles do not contain paraffin, a yellowish mixture obtained by distilling petroleum. However, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns that when burned, it is paraffin that releases certain compounds that are extremely dangerous to health. Which one exactly?

A diabolical list of shocking pollutants

The experts of the above-mentioned institution specializing in the environment are of the opinion that at “ignition” acetaldehyde enters your lungs from scented candles. This volatile substance is said to irritate the eyes, nose and throat, increasing the risk of respiratory diseases. Unfortunately, that’s not all you come into contact with. You are also exposed to formaldehyde, a carcinogen that causes dizziness, memory impairment, headaches, allergies and asthma. You should also expect to inhale a toxic gas called acrolein, along with cancer-causing polycyclic hydrocarbons. At least that’s what scientists think! Have you also felt like spending a pleasant evening by the glow of the fire? No wonder…

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