Vasks still not buying Botas, Australians selling Twisto at a loss

With Sunday evening comes the traditional summary of the articles we published for you last week. In a selection of the most important news and most read articles, we look at the origins and developments of the Czech Twisto service, which was sold at a huge loss by Australia’s Zip nearly two years later. Zlín shoe company Vasky wants to buy the Botas brand, but not 100% despite fundraising.

We will continue with positive news about the reopening of the famous Hospůdka U Štěpána, look at how the Vlčeks transformed the Prague estate Cibulka, highlight the story of the Czech fashion brand Buga, and recall the situation between Adidas and Adidas. Black Lives Matter Foundation and we will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of one of the most famous Czech games, The Viet Cong.

Other important articles from last week can be found below. Now we wish you a pleasant reading or listening through the Weekly podcast. You can also follow us on social networks Instagramhere you can learn the news in visual form.

The most important news of the week

  • Vaska has the money to take over the Botaş brand, but the purchase has not yet taken place. Trade is uncertain
  • U Štěpána pub will reopen. The owners stepped up, but his fans also contributed to the collapse
  • The effort to save Groupon continues. Shenkipl is the new head of the American company, he will manage it from the Czech Republic
  • The Vlček couple is changing Prague’s Cibulka. A cafe will be opened in the garden this year, and a children’s hospice will be opened in three years
  • There is nothing to wait for. Čupr and other startup figures are calling on the government to address worker shares


Important news from the past week can also be played as a Weekly podcast. It includes an interview this time Petr Baudiš, CTO of Czech startup Rossum about artificial intelligence and a call to stop its further development. The interview is also available in text form.

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The most read articles of the week

The Australians end their failed mission in Europe. They paid billions for Twisto, now they are selling it at a huge loss

He also built a house thanks to Apple shares. Martin Zufánek says that investments in herbs give the best results

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Already on Thursday, April 6, the music of the successful performance will be heard in Prague’s O2 universe. Kingdom Come: Salvation. You will hear the soundtrack performed by the Brno Philharmonic under the direction of composer Jan Valta.

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He started with a car from Lidl, last year he sold 130 million worth of clothes. Chrudimská Buga is community based

Czech crypto project launches payment card to pay with bitcoin. Powered by Mastercard

Three lanes are important. Adidas backs Black Lives Matter in controversy over iconic symbol

Vietcong was released 20 years ago, one of the best Czech games. It got a remaster with new graphics for the anniversary

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