Video: Devastating attack. The tank drove straight into the Russian trench and started firing

Russia is constantly working to strengthen the defense lines along the entire front. Satellite images confirm that new trenches and fortified positions are being created. For example, it is improving defenses in Crimea, which has been occupied since 2014 (more here).

Russian defense lines are being strengthened every month, and trenches, dragon’s teeth and concrete bunkers are being added. So it is preparing for a possible Ukrainian counterattack (more here).

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian side has published gun shoots, destroying the system of Russian trenches and shelters at the edge of the forest with a slide from tanks. As seen in the opening video, the invading troops fire an anti-tank missile at least twice at the heavy equipment, but miss. The machine then gradually destroys the positions with several bursts.

Once the enemy is eliminated, the tank will move the trenches under its own weight. An armored personnel carrier arrives at the site with soldiers searching for the remains of the fortifications. The incident allegedly happened near the village of Verchnokamjanske in the northern part of the Donetsk region.

The circumstances described cannot be independently verified. It is also not possible to infer anything about the general events at the front from the firing.

Destruction of Russian positions. Video: twitter/operativno_ZSU

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (ZSU) then in their company mesh posted footage from a similar event. The tank once again fires first at the Russian positions, thus presenting the enemy soldiers with a clear choice: heavy losses or withdrawal. An armored vehicle with infantry will arrive on the scene again, clearing the enemy position.

As both videos show, even a well-prepared field fortification may not provide sufficient protection against an organized technique with infantry support.

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