VIDEO: Tábor Hospital has a new fluoroscopy job for 25 million

Since the beginning of March, Tábor Hospital can boast a brand new workstation for fluoroscopy-endoscopy. In the newly renovated premises of Pavilion C, the centralized technology already works in one place, which enables modern endoscopic procedures in the area of ​​the digestive tract, navigated by radiological and ultrasound technology.

Tábor Hospital has a new fluoroscopy job for 25 million.

| Video: Ditari/Jiří Dintar

The basis is a multifunctional all-digital fluoroscopy-skiagraphic set with a C-arm from the Siemens Healthcare company worth less than 13 million kroner.

“The new workplace initially enables the investigation and treatment of diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines, liver, bile ducts and pancreas using a combination of mini-invasive methods of endoscopy, sonography and radiology. The quality of the new X-ray device now allows for precise guidance of individual interventions and a combination of different necessary techniques,” said hospital director Ivo Houška.

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The workplace is connected to the gastroenterology intern’s endoscopy clinic, whose staff will make the most of the space for their patients in collaboration with the staff of the radiology department. It can also be used for the investigation and treatment of pulmonary, urological, pediatric, orthopedic, neurological and vascular diseases.

“For patients not only in the Tábor district, but also in the wider area, the quality of healthcare in this area will now be in line with the latest European trends,” added the director.

The new skiascopic and skiagraphic equipment was supported with seven million kroner from the budget of the Region of South Bohemia. The construction of the building was carried out by Pradast, the total price of the construction work was less than twelve and a half million crowns.

Source: Deník/Jiří Dintar

The opening ceremony was attended by about twenty guests on Tuesday afternoon, including the governor of the South Bohemian Region Martin Kuba, senators Marek Slabý and Tomáš Fiala, former governor Ivana Stránská and former senator Pavel Eybert.

The Jordan Dam will be closed to traffic.  The repair of the pedestrian bridge for 103 million will begin within a week.

The Jordan Dam will be closed to traffic. The repair of the pedestrian bridge for 103 million will begin within a week

“We have a relatively unique concept of seven hospitals in the region. Each one is a little different, each one is at a different end of the region, differently populated; and therefore it needs something a little different. We as a region have to to invest in them and I am glad that the money will go to all the hospitals of South Bohemia”, noted Governor Martin Kuba at the ceremonial opening of the new workplace.

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