Weekly horoscope: Taurus will be seen and heard everywhere, Cancers should check their relationships, and Aquarians eager to meet new places and people

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The week from April 3 to 9 will want stronger concentration, application of persistence, increase in work efficiency and help in the realization and completion of unresolved matters. At the same time, people choose new priorities and start working on them. Decisiveness in their actions will help them.

The second half of the week will bring us faster reactions, and the logic of our reasoning and thinking will be strengthened. Dani will wish success at work, business affairs, travel, good sports results, dating, signing contracts, success in studies and passing exams. We won’t forget the romance either.

And how will the individual signs fare?

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Thanks to the full moon on Thursday in the sign of Libra, Aries will start to put things in order in their relationships in order to live and work better. The Sun with Jupiter can also bring them interesting experiences, better working conditions, new opportunities, employment or business opportunities. All this will make Aries think about new agreements or contracts to stabilize themselves for the future, because they have a very active period ahead of them that they can benefit from. They will now be asked to negotiate more favorable terms for themselves, let them be included in the contracts, which they first carefully read, study or consult with someone about their content before signing. If Aries can do that, nothing will stop them on their way to success.


The full moon in the sign of Libra, which will be on Thursday, is in charge of relationships, and this time it will force Taurus to revise them and separate the wheat from the chaff even among their colleagues and associates. And considering that Taurus will be gifted with extraordinary eloquence this week, they have a great chance to negotiate better conditions for themselves at work, they can conclude a more favorable employment contract, but also successfully negotiate official matters related to money and property. Also, Taurus’ charisma will shine in all corners of the world, which they will be able to use in love, to get to know each other or to strengthen the relationship with their colleague. It will also be an opportunity to introduce yourself. It will be good to see and hear Bulls everywhere. They are on the threshold of further life changes and this can significantly help them.


Gemini will think intensively this week about how to achieve their plans and what will need to be changed, modified or corrected for this purpose. They may understand, for example, that sometimes a person must get rid of old habits, situations, and thoughts to make way for new ones. This will not be a problem for Gemini. They are charming people who are always noticed because most of them have the gift of words. And that’s exactly what you should take advantage of now if you want a new direction in your life. In addition, the life of Gemini will culminate in a period related to their friends and the community of people that surrounds them. Therefore, they should carefully consider who is a real friend and comrade, or who is just using the affection of Gemini to their advantage.


Cancers should check their relationships in the family and at work, because they are creative and have good taste. Therefore, their creative potential is also vulnerable and forces some of them to take a passive attitude. They fear injury, loss of self-confidence and failure. This week, Cancers should learn to implement their ideas, take responsibility for them and not leave life to their partner, parents or co-workers. They are persistent and as soon as the work needs to be done, they roll up their sleeves and get to work. They stand out wherever reliability and care are required. They are exceptional in this regard, so they should trust each other more. For example, they can be used anywhere where money and documents need to be stored, because housewives are born and such are needed everywhere.


Leos should make every diplomatic effort this week to avoid quarrels with their siblings over inheritance, money and property. They should forget their self-centeredness for a while and seek a compromise that will benefit all parties. Only then will they be able to appreciate family cohesion, of which they are otherwise proud. But not all Leos are the same, some of them are popular for their great nature and should be easy to get along with. The theme of the week for Leos is all about transportation. Whether it’s their car or public transport. In short, they should be careful on the road, both when driving and in overcrowded buses, subways or trains. They can lose their purses, documents or wallets everywhere.


Thanks to the full moon in the sign of Libra, Virgos will receive information that will be very important to them. They can, for example, refer to who they associate with in life, who they live next to, who they sign contracts with or deal with the economic situation at the workplace, office or bank. And since Jupiter has been moving through the sign of Aries for several months, Virgos are affected by strong energies related to the economy and investments. And right now, these energies will intensify even more, which will require decisive action and sober judgment from Virgos in order not to get into unnecessary debt. Fortunately, Virgos are careful and prudent, so they should be able to cope with this task and avoid economic instability. Harmonious family relationships with partners and children can help them in this. It will require only one thing: talk less and listen more to others.


Libra’s task this week will be to improve partnership and business relationships. Around the full moon, you should be more aware of it and do something about it. After all, whoever learns to perceive and be aware of his life and everything around him can change it according to his ideas, and Libras have the opportunity to try to make positive changes right now. The good news is that whatever Libra gets into will turn into luck. This will also apply to external situations, which may seem peaceful or threatening to them, but in reality it will not be as bad as it seems at first glance. Therefore, if Libra is active, it can lead to better quality and therefore better rated work, on the other hand, it can resolve all misunderstandings in the relationship with the partner, children, parents, relatives and friends.


It won’t be easy to hide anything from Scorpio this week. For that, he will use his famous sixth sense very well. Thanks to him, they will find out who is slandering them from the sidelines and does not wish them success. The love secrets of partners, and even Scorpios themselves, can also surface, and unexpected solutions to these situations can occur, which can bring a lot of confusion and uncertainty into the heads of Scorpios. Scorpios can also receive some important information related to new working conditions, contracts or documents. It may also require official negotiations, which will need to be actively pursued. Like all social relationships. It may turn out that the environment is not honest with Scorpios, and this should lead them to think about who they still want to hang out with, and who they don’t want to hang out with anymore.


Sagittarians, perhaps the most of all the signs, are beginning to understand who is their true friend and who is no longer one of them. How will they know? Based on unpleasant feelings towards some people. Therefore, they begin to be more careful that no one uses and abuses them. Therefore, it will not be a problem for them to point the finger at such people and expel them from the surrounding area. On the other hand, they should look carefully so that they don’t miss someone who is a true friend, but is invisible and they don’t know about him yet. If they manage to discover this and surround themselves with the right friends, then Sagittarius will receive an incredible burst of positive energy, which will allow them to think about the highest possible goals in the future. Otherwise, they lose energy and freeze in place.


The Capricorn dilemma will begin to manifest itself fully. Family and home or work and career? For that, it will be necessary to clarify how they are doing with support at home, because it is important to take into account their family, and what kind of relationships they have in the workplace. Not all Capricorns will like it there. They may not be satisfied with the work team, the concluded contract or working conditions and therefore may start looking for work elsewhere. And that can be a stumbling block, because numerous obstacles will have to be overcome. However, Capricorns are masters at overcoming them and nothing will deter them. If they awaken this ability in themselves and persistently pursue their goal, they have a great chance of success. They just need to be a little more modest in their interviews. They will get what they want in the future anyway.


Aquarians are eager to meet new places, new people and will want to experience new situations. It is even possible that this week they will start arranging summer vacations and planning trips abroad. Essentially, they are born globetrotters who need movement for a living. It will also be time to contact family, people or companies abroad and resolve any outstanding situations and relationships with them. You should be able to, just be careful about the verbosity. Education should not be neglected either, for example, learning foreign languages. If they are not sure about cramps, they should sign up for a course and not only learn a foreign language, but also train themselves to establish partner relationships. They can later apply it to employment, business, or dealings with foreign authorities.

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Pisces should clarify ownership of things they own with someone else. They should put these things in order, but at the same time they must be careful not to argue about them unnecessarily and thereby block the possibility of agreeing and agreeing on disputed matters in the future. It is also possible that he will resolve financial matters with the authorities. They may have to enter into negotiations with banks, but they should definitely not borrow money, but save more. They should also pay attention to relationships in the family, among relatives and with neighbors. They should figure out how to get along with them and eventually smooth out the rough edges so that they have peace and time to devote to their own family and plan new activities with them. And so they can work to improve the economic situation. But that won’t work without good relationships.

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The author of the article is the publisher of Ve hvězdách magazine, the text was created in cooperation with this magazine, with astrologer Zdenek Bohuslav and astrologer, writer and personal development coach Martina Blažena Boháčova.

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