Zlín BarCamp on entrepreneurship returns after a year with an even richer program

This year’s conference has the subtitle “Entrepreneurship is not a science” and this time the program of the entire manifestation will primarily inspire business, bring information, new ideas, motivation and bring closer the stories of successful entrepreneurs, investors and creatives from different business sectors. . However, the main accompanying topic is, first of all, modern trends in business and the new opportunities that lie ahead of us in connection with the turbulent changes in the world and business environment in the last two years.

Entrepreneurial enthusiasts from the Tomas Bata University in Zlín together with the Technological Innovation Center Zlín started organizing an open event on entrepreneurship – Barcamp – last year. Since 2010, it has been connected to Zlin, where the tradition of these conferences began. Today, these events are held regularly throughout the Czech Republic.

The conference is based on the principle of openness. Anyone from the public who has something to say about the topics of entrepreneurship, business, startups, technology or creativity can become a speaker. Admission to the conference is by nature a Barcamp FREE conference, you only need to register.

This year’s edition is completed by the number of prominent and well-known names from all areas of business. At the conference, for example, Radovan Vávra will speak on the topic of ESG investments on the principles, profitability and diversification of the investment portfolio, Petr Vavrouška, former journalist and foreign correspondent of the Czech Radio, today head of marketing and strategy of the design company Egoé from Bílovica near Uherski Hradiště, or Martin Cígler , founder of Cígler Software, today Seyfora, behind the accounting and economic system Money. But also young faces, such as Tomáš Andrlík with the “cricket” start-up Grig, Terezie Čierniková, entrepreneur, presenter, mentor from the #holkyzmarketingu project, but also assistant costume designer for Hollywood blockbusters who also worked with the “boy who survived” – Harry Potter. But also, for example, Erika Eliášová, whose e-commerce achieves an annual turnover of around 130 million kroner. And the list certainly does not end there!

Register and be part of Zlín Barcamp 2023! Log in to www.zlinsky-barcamp.cz and follow the information on social networks.

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